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We love a chic comeback story like no other, so we’ve made reinvention the name of our latest bag game: The TALA Reborn Bag is all about feeling and channeling the pre-love while practicing sustainability in the process. We take your well-loved luxury leather goods (satchels, pouches, wallets, etc.) and use them to create a beautifully bespoke piece that is one-of-a-kind, just like you. Think of us as your Bag Fairy Godmother.

 How does it work? First, we completely deconstruct your bag (or bags). Using the TALA spec book as our design guide, we then create a whole, new TALA bag using the materials, including the hardware, that we have at our disposal. Then (cue the sparkles and confetti) you’ve got a totally new, totally you, totally upcycled TALA bag. When we have some bits, pieces, and baubles left over, we can magic up an extra surprise—earrings, an anklet, cou-collar—whilst sustainably recycling any unusable parts.

Don’t have a cache of purses to pull from? We’ll help you hand-select treasures from our own TALA trove of samples, prototypes, and remnants. As always, your original Reborn creation will be like two bags in one, with an unexpected zip here, or a removable fringe there to change the bag’s look. The possibilities are totally TALA … and totally endless.

Clients, please take note: All TALA Reborn products are lovingly custom-crafted to be uniquely you. Due to the unique nature of each TALA Reborn piece, prices will be quoted on a bag-by-bag basis. Please contact us below and we will reach out to arrange to look at your pre-loved bag/s first, and then present you with options and pricing for style, detail, and design. Your new made-to-order masterpiece will be ready to ship in 3 to 12 weeks.


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